by Anthology

August 2002
ISBN: 0-7582-0134-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

I Love Bad Boys is a fantastic read of three spicy-hot romances by three top leading ladies - authors in the romance genre. For readers who love an erotic love story mixed with humor, engaging heroines and to-die-for hunky heroes, this is an anthology not to be missed!

Lori Foster, well known for her unique writing talent in bringing characters compellingly alive and giving you a hot and sexy love story that is always a ‘keeper’, has the first story titled Indulge Me. Continuing the story about a bet made between three women friends (in the anthology All Through The Night), it’s Becky Harte’s turn to enter the sex shop and approach the first man who shares her idea of an erotic night spent with a lover. Despite being shy and way-innocent, Becky is determined to carry out her end of the bet. She doesn’t know that George Westin is just as determined to be the man she chooses. Twisting the fun into a sensual, spicy mix of misunderstandings, secret yearnings and discoveries, and sexy-hot scenes, Indulge Me proves that Ms. Foster’s reputation as an author who writes hot ‘keeper’ romances has once again delivered a story to be read over and over again!

Naughty by Night by Janelle Denison, the second story, is another hot, sexy read that readers will devour, not wanting to put the book down until you’ve read the last page --- and then went back and read those certain ‘hot, sexy scenes’ all over again! Chloe Anderson and Gabe Mackenzie are about to get a second chance at love. Gabe left years ago, too stubborn to recognize or accept the feelings between him and Chloe. Now a night of playing poker is about to turn the tables back to Chloe’s hand and she’s not about to lose that second chance to fulfill her secret fantasies of being with Gabe --- even if it turns out to be for only one night. The path to love for these two is deeply passionate; a craving not to be denied, to fulfill all their most erotic fantasies. Kudos to Ms. Denison for writing another steamy, fun-filled, romance that will leave readers panting for more!

And When They Were Bad is the first erotic story this reader has read from Donna Kaufman. Always a fan, I was eager to read this new style of Ms. Kaufman’s --- and I wasn’t disappointed! A foray into a highly erotic, steamy fantasies-fulfilled read, And When They Were Bad is a definite re-read many times over! Allison Walker and Cameron James each arrive at the very private resort called Intimacies, a sex club where there are no ‘boundaries’ and fantasies can come true without censure. Allison and Cam are more than ready to shed their ‘old’ selves --- Cam getting rid of his Mr. Nice Guy image, and Allison searching for her ‘inner slut’. What they both end up with --- together --- makes this story sizzle. Ms. Kaufman has found her special niche with her incredible talent of writing an erotica that scorches the pages!

All three stories were fantastic and this reader could not pick a favorite. I’m hoping these three wonderfully talented authors get together again in the future and write another erotica anthology!

Reviewed in August 2002 by Kari.

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