by Maggie Shayne

October 2006
ISBN: 0-7783-2279-3
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Mass Market Paperback

Vlad Dracul is more than a legend. Far older than tales suggest, Vlad is one of the immortal Chosen. Wandering the Earth for centuries, Vlad finally believes he has found the reincarnation of his beloved wife, Elisabeta. So distraught was he that at the time of her death Vlad consulted with revered mystics, priests and witches to bind her soul to a woman who would be born centuries into the future. And now Vlad is preparing to make his beloved Beta his for all eternity.

The mortal woman in question is Tempest ‘Stormy’ Jones. As an investigator of the paranormal, Stormy has long sensed the presence of an ‘other’ inside of her, and that this feeling becomes much stronger when the dark prince is around. Fighting the growing passion between them, Stormy also fights Elisabeta, denying her from taking over Stormy’s mortal body.

But although Elisabeta is trapped when she realises that Vlad has strong feelings for Stormy, her anger is un-containable. Gone is the sweet Beta Vlad once knew. In her place is a scorner vengeful woman who knows no bound in seeking her destiny fulfilled and her rival destroyed.

In order to save Tempest, Vlad must make a choice - his sweet but irrevocably changed wife, or the loving, courageous Stormy? Only one can survive and Vlad must make the right choice...

Prince of Darkness is the latest story in Maggie Shayne’s Wings in the Night series. Vlad is not the medieval lord of legend, in fact he is much older. This reviewer really enjoyed the refreshing take of the origins of Vlad Dracul and hopes Miss Shayne will explore that further in later books. As for the story itself it is a magical tale of love, destiny and courage. Vlad must choose between the woman he loved in the past and the woman he now loves in the future. Watching his feelings unfold through the chapters is mesmerizing, especially at certain times when the reader is uncertain of where his true loyalties lie! Stormy is the perfect heroine for Vlad. She is everything that Beta isn’t. Courageous, independent and wholly attracted to a man she knows she can never have. The passion between Vlad and Stormy steams up the pages, but it is the last few chapters that really touched this reviewer's heart.

Maggie Shayne once again proves that the Wings in the Night series really is up there as one of the greatest vampire series around. Prince of Darkness is guaranteed to heat up your winter nights, leaving you with a warm glow and a knowing feeling that love can conquer all.

Reviewed in September 2006 by Donna.

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