by Eloisa James

December 2006
ISBN: 0-06-078192-0
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Mass Market Paperback

Author Eloisa James has been spinning tales about the Essex sisters for a few years. She has also been dangling the deliciously wicked Earl of Mayne like seductive bait in a number of her books. Finally, both threads come together in a novel that is sure to please.

There is a new salacious memoir sweeping through the ton. Known as the Hellgate memoir, the rumors abound that it is really the story of Garret Langham, Earl of Mayne, whose bedroom exploits are the stuff of legend. The nobility is clamoring for each new chapter, and it has become the talk of the town.

Even Josie Essex has read some of the juicy details. As the youngest Essex sister, Josie has learned a great deal from her sisters’ matrimonial exploits. Unfortunately, she probably won’t be putting her education into practice. Her first season is already a disaster. Her curvaceous figure is decidedly out of fashion, and attempts to cram herself into the latest styles have earned her the nickname “the Scottish sausage.” Now no self-respecting young buck will be seen within forty feet of her.

Even the Earl of Mayne is moved by Josie’s plight. He has squired her sisters about for years, and even was engaged to one of them until true love conquered all. He thinks that Josie is delightfully unique and has a great deal to offer some smart young man. The fact that he has finally found his own true love in Sophie de la Broderie just makes him eager for Josie to find the same happiness. Perhaps he can help.

Pleasure for Pleasure is a delightful novel that ties up many of Ms. James’ trailing plot threads. This is not to say that the story could not stand on its own. New readers will follow along easily, and will undoubtedly be intrigued enough to find the other books in Ms. James’ backlist. Readers who have followed the characters will applaud the finale and rejoice in the outcome.

Reviewed in November 2006 by Paula.

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