by Sue Civil-Brown

September 2002
ISBN: 0060502312
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

On an island named Paradise Beach in Florida, there lives one Mary Todd. She owns most of the land on the island and is always up to some mischief. She is also the social doyenne and all-around troublemaker on the island. This time, she is in court on petition, accused by her nephew of mentally incompetent, because of her arrangement of a flying fortress bomber on a false attack to a giant egg, which appears on the beach from nowhere.

Richard Haversham Wesley, III, Esquire is Mary’s lawyer. He goes through law school and starts his private practice with the help of Mary. Actually, Mary helps anyone she likes and Erin Kelly is one of those that she takes under her wing.

Erin is 30 and, of course, with Mary's help, owns a pottery shop in Paradise Beach. She blames Richard on the defeated suit and Mary’s depression after the verdict. Richard tries his best to gain another appeal in order to stop Mary’s nephew, Linus Todd, from doing anything with her land.

Erin makes an outrageous decision. She gets hold of her old college friend, Dan O’Doole, an actor, to play mobster and contact Linus to show interest in developing Paradise Beach.

Then, Mary’s beau, Ted Wannamaker brings in Mary’s old lover, Pete Lewis, who is a real mobster. Richard urges Pete and Dan into a mob war of squirt bottles with ketchup as their weapon....

Breaking All The Rules, book 5 of the Paradise Beach, Florida series of Sue Civil-Brown (aka Rachel Lee) brings you another romantic comedy or better yet, a soap opera with humour and fun. Anything could happen on this island with Mary Todd in residence and running the show. Readers will either hate or love this book because of the outrageous, insane and confusing plots and incidents. The earlier books in the series are Letting Loose, Chasing Rainbow, Catching Kelly, Next Stop, Paradise. If you like to try this series, the best way is to read them in sequence. Happy reading!

Reviewed in August 2002 by Rose.

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