by Stephanie Bond

November 2006
ISBN: 0-06-082107-8
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Mass Market Paperback

In her latest book, Finding Your Mojo author Stephanie Bond returns to the town of Mojo Louisiana. The town is beginning to recover from the horrors that happened at the Mojo Voodoo Museum, and the murder of its only lawyer, Deke Black.

Gloria Dalton, has her own secrets, and whether or not they’ll be revealed won’t be revealed in this review. For that answer, you’ll have to read Finding Your Mojo for yourself. However, I will say that Gloria has a mysterious past, and an uncertain future. A tragedy in her youth set her life on the path which she is now following, and seems determined to dog her as she tries to establish a career and roots in Mojo.

As she looks into the window of her new law office she thinks about how her life can change in Mojo, but never expects it to start with the sudden appearance of her new paralegal, Steve Chasen driving through her plate glass window, and then dying in her reception area.

This unfortunate incident brings the new chief of police to Gloria’s office He is Zane Riley. Zane is drawn to Mojo because of the horrors that occurred at the museum, and the resulting task force that was established to locate missing persons. Again, a tragedy affected him early in life and influenced his decision to follow a career in law enforcement.

Gloria and Zane are each determined to be successful in Mojo, but events keep happening that could conspire against their odds of being successful. As their paths continue to cross the attraction they feel heats up, but again can fate and past tragedies keep them apart?

Ms. Bond tried hard to build the mystery surrounding Gloria, but as I read it felt almost forced, and in the end when all Gloria’s secrets are revealed I was left feeling as though there was a realization that the book needed an ending, and a good climatic ending was elusive to Ms. Bond, so just any ending would do!

So far there have been two books set in Mojo, and the first was far superior to the second, but I’m thinking maybe a third and final book is needed to wrap up loose ends, and to leave readers feeling truly satisfied that all the residents are getting their happy ending, and able to move forward.

Reviewed in December 2006 by Sandi.

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