by Suzanne Forster

April 2000
ISBN: 0-515-12800-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Jove Books
Mass Market Paperback

Suzanne Forster's The Morning After is a dark book, one that is filled with intense emotional struggles.

Temple Banning, just recently moved to California after a break from her fiancÚ and her need to be independent and self-reliant, finds herself impregnated by and wedded to a stranger, and to make matters worse, in the course of twelve hours in which these events took place, lost her memory. Investigating the mystery and the nowhere to be found husband, Temple finds her and her friends' life under threat. The only way out seems to be Mark Challis, a man called the Cobra, a man dark and forbidden with his share of secrets.

If this story had to be described in colours, it would be all shades of blue. The dark indigo blue of the night which embraces you, the dark green-blue of the ocean which entices you, the light blue of dawn which fills you with hope, the transparent blue of tears, the washed-out blue of melancholy, the bright blue of sins and secrets never to be forgotten.

Ms. Forster creates an ambience of an impenetrable cloak covering and weighting down the story's characters and the readers' mood and perception. She forces her readers to dig deep in the heroine's psyche and reveals aspects that are close and familiar. Rarely giving answers to all her questions, Ms. Forster wears down the readers' defences and sucks them deeper into the story and her heroine's mind. She tortures her heroine badly, taking away all her security blankets and her sense of identity, only to throw her into situations she fears most.

It is an invigorating experience to follow Temple Banning's struggle of finding her inner strengths to face her fears and successfully rise above herself. It leaves the reader empowered and again sure of why romance novels, in all its sub-genres, can be a tool for finding one's own strengths.

Reviewed in September 2001 by Kris Alice.

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