by Niqui Stanhope

July 2002
ISBN: 1-583-14241-X
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Mass Market Paperback

Rosalind Carmichael is in big trouble. Her brother Tony has “borrowed” 200,000 dollars from some not-so-nice people and he needs to return it pronto. Only one problem - Tony has already spent the money. He has come to ask Rosalind to approach her old boss, millionaire Sam Winters, and borrow the money. The last thing that Rosalind wants to do is ask Sam Winters for anything, as she left Sam six years ago right after he asked her to marry him. Rosalind wants to let Tony suffer the consequences of his actions but she just can`t, so she approaches Sam and asks to borrow the money. Rosalind is sure that Sam will say no and is surprised when Sam agrees with a few conditions. These conditions include the fact that Rosalind must move in and live with Sam for an entire year and act as his personal assistant. Rosalind, horrified by the offer, refuses and vows to find the money elsewhere. However, after visiting the bank and trying to borrow money from her lazy fiancé Ben, Rosalind determines that accepting Sam`s offer is the only way to save Tony. Reluctantly, Rosalind meets with Sam and signs the agreement.

Sam has loved Rosalind ever since she began working for him. He was devastated when she left him and her job and virtually ran away after his proposal. This time he is determined to make their relationship work, come hell or high water. Unfortunately, there are a few problems that stand between them and happiness. Rosalind is a devoted Christian and Sam does not believe in anything, let alone God. Rosalind believes that Sam hates her and derives great pleasure in seeing her fail. Sam is determined to turn their relationship around and show Rosalind that he truly loves her. Together they must break through the walls that each has created in order to find love.

Niqui Stanhope`s book Hopelessly Devoted is a charming romance. Rosalind is a woman who must sacrifice her life as she knows it in order to save her brother. Sam is a man haunted by the mistakes he made years ago with Rosalind. He will do anything to get her back including tricking her into believing her brother is in trouble. This fact makes Sam`s character slightly unlikable for the reader. Rosalind`s willingness to agree to Sam`s stipulations makes the story a little unbelievable. However, the author`s writing style is particularly enjoyable and the story is a wonderful escape from a hectic world for the reader.

Reviewed in August 2002 by Jen.

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