by Nancy Warren

November 2006
ISBN: 0-7582-1043-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

What is it about those Brits? Is it just the accent, that air of sophistication that they all seem to acquire at birth? Is it the deeply-rooted sense of history that seems to be effortless? Well, whatever it is, most women will agree that British men have an attraction that is unique. From James Bond to Jude Law, women have been enthralled by British men for decades. Author Nancy Warren explores this attraction in her new connected anthology, British Bad Boys.

George and the Dragon Lady Documentary producer Maxine Larraby is not all that keen on her latest assignment. Filming at some of Englandís most stately homes offers an interesting escape, but Hart House is not as appealing as she had hoped. The rain has dampened her appreciation for the grounds, and while there is an intriguing story associated with the house, she does not enjoy being kept waiting. When she finally meets the Earl of Ponsford, she is stunned. This is not the grandfather her research revealed. It is, in fact, a tall, delicious Englishman who is the current Earl, George Hartley. He hopes that the Yank with the attitude will use Hart House in her project, since it will mean added revenue to maintain the ancestral home, and also more time to get to know the woman beneath the suit. And George really wants to get to know Maxine much better.

Nights Round Arthurís Table American author Meg Stanton has rented an English cottage hoping that the change of atmosphere will inspire her next novel. When she stops by the local pub to get a feel for the locals, she finds her next villain. As the story begins to unfold, she starts writing at one of the tables, even as she spins her tale to the handsome bartender who is unaware that he is a murderer. Arthur Denby has met plenty of people, but none like this American writer who is consumed by her muse. As they get to know one another Meg has a real dilemma on her hands. Can she sleep with her villain and still kill him off at the end of the story?

Union Jack Maxineís sister Rachel has had a string of bad luck. First her marriage disintegrates, and then the restaurant where she is chef closes. Understandably depressed, Rachel resists Maxineís attempts to help, until she sends a plane ticket to England. Maybe a change of scenery will be good. Rachel agrees to cater a wedding, but is not prepared for her attraction to the handsome brother of the bride. Jack Flynt may have avoided matrimony for a long time, but he has always believed that he would find love one day. He did not expect that it would be with a prickly American chef with a wounded heart.

British Bad Boys will delight all of Nancy Warrenís fans, and convert new readers to her work. The stories flow seamlessly together. This is a book not only for the keeper shelf, but to share with friends.

Reviewed in October 2006 by Paula.

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