by R. R. Shelsky

December 2006
ISBN: 1-58749-587-2
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When Peter finds a miniature of a beautiful girl in an antique shop and the owner gives the history of the girl who was at Hampton Court Palace at the time of Queen Elizabeth the 1st's reign, he decides that as he is going to London to work he has to visit the Palace.

The girl's name is Aurea and she is a handmaiden to one of the palace ladies. Peter's attraction to her causes him to time travel to Aurea's time and finds the attraction mutual.

This is a story full of intrigue and tension as well as romance. When Peter realises she cannot leave her time because it might endanger her parents who are catholic, he decides to stay and help her. Many dangers face the couple and the author keeps the reader on the edge of seats with the tension of the story. The characters are brilliant, so well thought out and they grab the attention whether they are friend or foe and it is not easy to work out who are Aurea and Peter's friends and who are their enemies. The court is full of intrigue and is a constant threat to Aurea and Peter's safety.

The author has done the research of the time period so well. The reader will feel part of court life and will understand that there was a lot of bad feelings toward the queen as well as loyal supporters.

I found this story fascinating with believable characters and a wonderfully intriguing setting. The tension and excitement was so real from beginning to end.

This is a book well worth buying and gets a 5 rose review from me.

Reviewed in March 2007 by Mary.

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