by Karen J. Hasley

July 2006
ISBN: 1598005405
Reviewer Graphic Button Outskirts Press
Trade Paperback

Louisa Caldecott is a business owner and a very progressive thinker, this is a rare commodity for a woman in 1880 Kansas. She had promised her father; at his deathbed, that she would take care of and protect her sister Lily. She did so happily, even though Lily was a grown woman and married to a man Louisa didnít care too much for. Louisa is happy, she adores most of the people in her town, she is not dependent on any man, she earns her own money, she helps out her friends in their time of need, and she sees no reason for her to ever leave. She meets John Rock Davis and her life and town start changing. There has to be a connection between these two, but she can not figure out what.

John Rock Davis has come to town on a secret mission which he can not tell to anyone. He has no way of knowing who he can trust. He also comes with a past deep in secrets. When he meets Louisa he knows he will have to keep an eye on her in order to keep her safe and out of harms way. When Louisa gets herself in harmful situations, itís up to John to get her out without revealing his mission.

When violence and mistrust between townspeople start occurring, Louisa knows it has something to do with John, he is very secretive, she knows she will have to do something to help stop the changes which are happening. John is afraid if Louis does not stop interfering, she and others will be hurt or killed, he has to figure out how to stop her.

A great historical romance with an amazing strong woman who had to learn where home really was. A strong, but gentle, kind hero, who would do anything to protect her, this is a new series by a gifted author. The next book, Waiting For Hope will be released soon.

Reviewed in October 2006 by Pat.

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