by Jennifer Skully

October 2006
ISBN: 0-373-77132-0
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Mass Market Paperback

Have you been to the bookstore lately, and noticed that the large amount of paranormal romances on the shelves? If you are like me, and not a lover of vampires and werewolves you are almost feeling as though the authors have abandoned you. I am pleased to say that author Jennifer Skully has not. Her new book Sheer Dynamite is about Opal Smith, and her desire to fit into her family that is full of people who have various psychic talents. Opal to her dismay is not in the least bit psychic, and will never be.

Sheer Dynamite opens when Opal thinks she has seen a man jumping off an overpass. She slams on her brakes causing a three-car pile up. She does not think about the damage to the cars, but is instead focused on finding the man who she believes is lying under one of the cars. Naturally, there is no man, but now Opal is intent on proving to her family that she is one of them, and has had a vision.

Jack Davis is one of the people involved in the accident with Opal. He is almost content in his life. The last thing he wants is to get involved with someone he thinks needs saving, and with the way Opal is ranting and raving about visions he firmly believes that she is in desperate need of rescuing. However, when she asks him to help her by verifying her vision and the fact she is going to save a poor soul from jumping off the overpass he finds himself helpless to resist.

Along with the storyline of Opal trying to verify her vision, and thus find acceptance from within her family there is a secondary story of Opalís sister Pearl and her former boyfriend Nile. Nile is a dark character and has the gift of being able to find people who are missing from their homes. However, he no longer has the gift he once had, and feels the only way he can retrieve it is by getting close to Pearl, and taking from her a love that she might no longer be willing to give. Without Pearlís help Nile knows he will be unable to locate the latest missing person heís been asked to find, and he fears that if Pearl does help him it will still be too late for Tamara.

While the two storylines seem to be totally, unrelated Ms. Skully does a skillful job of weaving them together, and introducing a couple of secondary characters who make readers run the full gamut of emotions. I can almost guarantee that readers will wish they could be as free spoken as Grandma Blue, who was my personal favorite character throughout Sheer Dynamite.

With the last page of Sheer Dynamite those of us who are not paranormal readers are thinking that maybe we are after all paranormal readers, and while I might not be ready to up my pile to include werewolves and vampires maybe I could at least extend it to other stories involving psychics and their various levels of ability.

Reviewed in October 2006 by Sandi.

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