by Stef Ann Holm

October 2006
ISBN: 0-7783-2344-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books
Mass Market Paperback

Lucy Carpenter, along with her two sons, Jason and Matt, has just moved to Red Duck, Idaho. After a painful divorce, and seeing Jason struggle with drugs in Boise, Lucy felt a clean break was needed, a place to start over. Red Duck may be a small town, but Lucy has high hopes that it will bring her family closer together once again.

The only problem is, Lucy has to make a living. As a personal chef, a very good chef, Lucy knows she has what it takes to cook for the residents of the wealthy community. All she needs is a break. That break comes in the form of former pro baseball player, Drew Tolman. Not only is he Jason’s new baseball coach, but he is a charming, flirtatious and way too interesting man on Lucy’s horizon.

Lucy knows she should stay far away from Drew, but he continually draws her in. She yearns to know what makes him tick because she knows that Drew has some secrets of his own. Is he a former druggie? Will he be the strong male influence that Jason needs in his life right now? And can Lucy find a way to keep her hands and lips far from Drew’s?

Lucy Gets Her Life Back is a spellbinding tale of homespun life in Red Duck. Lucy captivates readers with her struggles to redefine her life in the face of a harsh divorce and betrayal. She’s making her business a success and trying to get her kids back on track, but finding out in the process that she’s starting to want a bit more out of life now. She’s ready for something, someone, new. Could that person be Drew?

Drew is the consummate charmer. He’s suave, amusing, handsome, and an all around nice guy. But he also has a deeper side that he doesn’t reveal to everyone. In Lucy, he recognizes a kindred soul, someone he can share his secrets with. Stef Ann Holm makes Drew and Lucy’s relationship natural and sexy from the very moment they meet. Things between them just spice up from there!

Add in the citizens of Red Duck, Lucy’s sons, a jealous chef, and this mix is ready to serve in the poignant and thoughtful Lucy Gets Her Life Back.

Reviewed in September 2006 by Sarah.

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