by Tara Taylor Quinn

October 2006
ISBN: 0-7783-2308-0
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Mass Market Paperback

The weather is beginning to turn and the high temperatures so many of us experienced this summer are becoming a memory. The last of the iced tea is being drunk, and the hot tea is beginning to steep, becoming the reader’s preferred beverage. Now that you, reader, have that warm tea and the delicious cookie, all that is needed is the totally engrossing book.

Tara Taylor Quinn has generously penned the engrossing book, In Plain Sight. Jan McNeil is a single woman living next door to a single man, Simon. Both have pasts that haunt them, and have shaped them into the people they are today. The difference between them is that Simon is fully cognizant of the horrors lurking in his past, but Jan has no clue as to why she has suffered nightmares, which began in her childhood, and have followed her to adulthood.

As In Plain Sight begins Jan is in court in her role as prosecutor for the county attorney’s office. She is attempting to prosecute Jacob Hall; a white radical that she believes has ties to The Ivory Nation, a group suspected of being a large white supremacist organization. As Jan continues to delve into the evidence she finds that it becomes harder and harder to know whom to trust, and whom not to trust. Even though her life and home are threatened she continues to carry on believing in her cause and letting nothing stop her.

Simon, in his past life, was an undercover agent for the FBI. When tragedy struck his family he felt all was lost, and quit his job. Simon tried to tend his family to make up for the losses they all suffered, but always felt as though he were falling short. To earn a living he writes police training manuals and does the occasional undercover job when specially asked by a former colleague.

As the threat level against Jan increases Simon begins to see a connection between his current undercover job and Jan’s case. How much he should and can tell her remains to be a line he’s uncertain about crossing. Soon, however, the two are beginning to compare notes and coming to conclusions that will affect both their lives.

The suspense level of In Plain Sight never dips, even the conclusion of the story provides yet one more twist in Jan and Simon’s lives. Ms. Quinn has penned category romances that I have enjoyed, and I am pleased to say that she has smoothly made the transition to suspense. If I were a keeper In Plain Sight would be only one of three books this year that I would have added to my keeper shelf.

Reviewed in October 2006 by Sandi.

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