by Eugenia Riley

August 2006
ISBN: 0-505-52652-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Lovespell
Mass Market Paperback

Savannah Georgia, 1896

Fleeing the scandal that rocked San Francisco society, Miss Viveca Stanhope has purchased a house from an old acquaintance of her father’s in Savannah hoping for a fresh start. Recently Viveca lost both her parents, and then found out that her father’s fortune was squandered in a bad investment. Turning in grief to her father’s slimy business partner, Viveca found herself seduced and then disgraced when the affair came to light.

Arriving at her new home, Viveca thought things couldn’t get any worse! Her new house is a ramshackle nest of strange servants, and eerie happenings that have been occurring mostly at night. Added to her growing list of irritation, Viveca’s neighbor, roguish Maxwell Beecher has her temper flaring and her passions boiling. Viveca can’t even take a relaxing bath in her tub to quiet her frazzled nerves, as there is a certain devilish phantom that haunts it and makes Viveca’s desire for Max heat up even more.

Popular romance author Eugenia Riley’s books run the gamut between page turning, heart pounding stories that you can’t put down, or like her newest, The Phantom of the Bathtub you want to toss the book across the room in total frustration! Heroine Viveca Stanhope drives her hero Max Beecher,(and us)nuts. It’s no wonder, as she is a bit of a banshee and fits right in with the screaming “duppies” of her new home. If she isn’t shrieking at her servants, (well, they deserve to be shrieked at) she’s screeching at the ghosts that haunt her. Then she is constantly fretting and whining about what society is going to think about her. The thick accents of the secondary characters such as Jamaican housekeeper Winnie and Viveca’s devoted manservant, Emmett add to the already difficult read of the book. Sorry to say The Phantom of the Bathtub just wasn’t worth the effort.

Reviewed in November 2006 by Bonnie.

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