by M. L. Tyndall

August 2006
ISBN: 1-59789-359-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Barbour Publishing Inc.
Trade Paperback

Lady Charlisse Bristol is desperate to find her father. She’s lived with her uncle since before her mother died, and he physically and sexually abused her. Charlisse is desperate for a father’s love and protection. She sets out across the ocean but a severe storm leaves her shipwrecked on a deserted island in the Caribbean. A weeks of combating the elements, Charlisse is rescued by a band of pirates and their handsome captain, Edmund Merrick.

Edmund Merrick is on the trail of one Edward the Terror, desperate to bring him to justice for the senseless murder of some Islanders Merrick had befriended years ago. He is captivated by the lovely Charlisse, but as a Christian vows not to take advantage of her. He also tries to keep her safe from the pirates working under him who are desperate for a woman.

When Merrick discovers that Charlisse’s father is none other than Edward the Terror, he is torn. Should he deliver the woman he’s grown to love to her father—a man he knows is deserving of his name? Or should he capture the notorious pirate and risk losing Charlisse forever?

The Redemption is Ms. Tyndall’s debut novel and all I can say is “Wow.” The setting is excellent, the scenery is not overdone. The faith message is expertly woven in throughout, and the characterization is awesome. My only complaint about the story is that sometimes the events seem a little contrived.

All in all, The Redemption is a book that will make it to my keeper shelf as it will be a book I will want to read over and over and share with my daughters. The Redemption is chock full of adventure and romance and is sure to please. Be sure not to miss this book.

Reviewed in October 2006 by Laura.

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