by Kathryn Smith

July 2002
ISBN: 0-06-050226-6
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Mass Market Paperback

Gabriel Warren, Earl of Angelwood, has never forgotten the beautiful, young and carefree Lady Lilith Mallory, whom he had loved as a youth, and who had inexplicably disappeared from his life ten years ago. He had loved her deeply and truly, and their parting had left him broken-hearted. Now, after all these years, he suddenly finds Lilith again, only now she is the notorious and seductive owner of a gaming club!This, when Gabriel has made it his mission in life to abolish gambling from England! He finds that he is still attracted to her but the intimacy which once existed between them is lost, perhaps forever.

Lilith is shocked to see Gabriel Warren after all these years. Once she had existed only to see him, now she is incensed to see him! Past images of their lovemaking, of passionate days and nights spent in his arms – all these images cascade through her unruly thoughts, but the uppermost thought in her mind and heart is that of betrayal! And that she can neither forget nor forgive! But he is back, and he is hell-bent upon destroying her once again, this time with his crusade against gambling, which is her means of livelihood!

In `A Game Of Scandal`, Kathryn Smith has created a story of deep & passionate love, of star-crossed lovers who are separated by a sweeping quagmire of misunderstandings and hurts. They have always loved each other; they are still attracted to each other. But the trust, which they once took for granted, no longer exists between them. With this basis, the author has created a very emotional and stormy story of love and heartbreak.

The characters of Gabriel and Lilith, with their conflicting thoughts and actions, are portrayed with clarity. Every facet of their feelings, thoughts and emotions is explored. One novelty in this book is that unlike the typical Regency heroes, Gabriel is violently opposed to gambling and tries his best to eradicate it. This detailed work is appreciable. The story line, while nothing extraordinary, is moving. There is the usual dastardly villain. The secondary characters are from the author’s previous works and they put in a brief appearance. The atmosphere is the usual England in the late 1800s. The author states that the sex has always been good between the lead characters and goes on to prove it by the very erotic and sensual bedroom scenes!

A good and enjoyable Regency romp!

Reviewed in August 2002 by Rashmi.

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