by Beverly Long

November 2006
ISBN: 0-425-21287-4
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Mass Market Paperback

Present day, California

Sheriff George Tyler had followed the strange footprints from his time in 1888 to this odd world of 118 years into the future. After meeting Sarah Tremont and John Beckett in his own century, Sarah, had asked George to return in her place to the future and find the little boy whom she had been helping before she had traveled back in time. Landing on the same beach Sarah had left from, George is entranced by the lovely woman who he rescues from the oceanís waves. For six months since the violent murder of his beloved wife no woman has stirred George, until now. Could this be the reason he is here?

Former social worker Melody Song has lost so much in the last year. Her best friend, Sarah, had drowned on this beach, and then the young boy, Miguel, they had been working with had died. Disheartened by these events, Melody had left her job and sought solace in a brief affair with a married man, resulting in her pregnancy. Melody has made the decision to return to her family home in the Napa Valley. Her dying grandmother, who had raised her, owns one of the most successful vineyards in California. Having told her grandmother that she was married Melody has no idea what she is going to do to cover her lie. Then George Tyler saves her from the same fate that took Sarah, (or so Melody believes). George seems so out of place in everything, and yet Melody is strangely drawn to the man. Melody asks George to pose as her husband, and with no place to go until the footprints reappear to take him back to his own time, George agrees to the charade. As the two keep up the pretense as happily married newlyweds expecting their first baby, the pretend starts to morph into the real, and George begins to want to stay here with Melody!

Here with Me the anxiously awaited sequel to Beverly Longís Stay with Me is just as gripping! We first met George Tyler in Stay with Me and wondered where those mysterious footprints would lead him. They bring him to Melody and we are quickly caught up in their vibrant love story. Here with Me is a super read filled with great characters, and a wondrous story with lots of twists and turns to keep you riveted until you finish! Beverly Long has done it again!

Reviewed in December 2006 by Bonnie.

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