by Mary Kingsley

June 2002
ISBN: 0-8217-7284-8
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Mass Market Paperback

What could Lord Michael Lyndon, a viscount and a Corinthian to boot, have anything in common with Chloe “Miss Bumblebroth” Russell, the clumsiest girl to ever grace the ton? Apparently, more than they think! Both their parents had arranged the match, much to Michael and Chloe’s bafflement, but they have agreed to at least meet each other in deference to their parents’ wishes. Of course, Michael liked Chloe very much, when all she was trying to do was make herself very unlikable! She might not have been his first choice but if he had to marry, why not to someone who can make him laugh instead of some other miss who will undoubtedly cater to his every self-important whim? Chloe herself was enamored of Michael – his kindness, his good humor and, of course, his handsomely built, er, face! (He is a Corinthian!)

Mary Kingsley paints a picture of two people who only seem to be opposites on the outside but have more in common in the things that really matter. Michael and Chloe’s relationship is detailed from their happy time in the country to the glittering London society – the same society that Chloe had avoided in the past several years and that Michael had shined in.

While Chloe is a very spirited young lady, her hidden insecurity makes her doubt her ability in social situations. Add to that, a nasty cousin who had teased her mercilessly during her childhood, and continues still after her marriage, Chloe never really had a chance to get over her “Miss Bumblebroth” reputation, and, in fact, stumbles even more in face of such provocation. But she’s kind to others and is intelligent in other things, such as art and, contrary to the time period, investments.

Though seemingly opposite, Michael is the perfect match for her – their parents were smarter than they think! He is kind as well and very much protective of Chloe; though he’s a bit baffled at her insecurity since he sees her as a lovely woman who has more to offer than she realizes. Slowly, these two find each other’s strength and weaknesses and build a marriage that would eventually end happily ever after.

Marrying Miss Bumblebroth is a sweet read and a nice way to pass a lazy afternoon.

Reviewed in August 2002 by Veronica.

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