by Dee Henderson

October 2006
ISBN: 1-4143-0815-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Tyndale
Trade Paperback

Rae Gabriella needed to escape a past that haunted her so she accepted a job offer at a private investigations business ran by an ex-boyfriend. The job required her to move to Justice, Illinois. It seemed an ideal solution.

Nathan Justice was the local sheriff and a member of the founding family of Justice, Illinois. His current case was keeping him busy but not too busy to notice the beautiful strangerís arrival in town. He soon learned her name and that they shared a friendship with Bruce, who owned the private investigations business. Nathan was not disappointed at the prospect of seeing more of Rae. Their work would have their paths crossing on more than one occasion.

Having a romantic relationship was the last thing on Raeís mind. She needed to relax and to emotionally heal. To be thrown into a case as soon as she arrived was not what Rae had expected. A woman staying at the same hotel as Rae was found dead, apparently from natural causes, and Rae was the last one to have spoken to her. There was more to what was happening and by all indications it looked like Rae could very well be next.

Rae, Bruce, and Nathan work together to solve the mystery while at the same time each one had their own dilemmas to face.

Before I Wake by Dee Henderson is an inspirational suspense novel, not a romance. The bond between Rae, Nathan, and Bruce is one of friendship and respect. As always with a Henderson novel, the matter of faith is not preached but rather an understood element of a character.

I must admit I started reading this book with high expectations. Iíve always been a fan of Hendersonís work. Before I Wake fell short in fulfilling my hopes. It seemed to drag and I began to feel detached from the story and the characters. Loose ends at the conclusion made me feel as if I missed something along the way. Perhaps a sequel will follow to give answers to the questions we are left with after reading Before I Wake.

Reviewed in December 2006 by Rho.

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