by Lorraine Heath

November 2006
ISBN: 0-06-112963-1
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Mass Market Paperback

London, 1888

At the age of twenty-six striking Lady Louisa Wentworth was not considered all the way on the shelf. Louisa was to take a position as a chaperone to two American heiresses. The post would give her freedom to come and go as Louisa pleased, plus the added benefit of funds, since her scoundrel brother had gambled and drunk away what had been left of the family fortune. Still, it would be hard to watch the lovely misses Rose, Jenny and Kate, vie for the attentions of the man Louisa herself was so fascinated with. Their haughty mother had set her sights on nothing less then a duke for her daughters, and Louisa had promised to accomplish that for them. Yet, the Duke of Hawkhurst, one of Louisa’s brother’s oldest friends, had always held a secret place in her deepest desires.

Randolph Selwyn, the fifth Duke of Hawkhurst was finding himself in the same position as most of the aristocracy these days, seeking an American heiress to strengthen his depleted family coffers. Hawk had made his selection of the lovely Miss Jenny Rose of New York, despite the fact that Jenny was being chaperoned by Lady Louisa a woman Hawk found absolutely captivating. Louisa was beautiful and well educated and couldn’t care less for the confines that society demanded of women. Louisa danced to the beat of her own drum. But with no dowry, Louisa was not in the running for Hawk to consider as his future duchess, it must be Jenny. Hawk plots a seduction to be conveniently interrupted so as Jenny will be “compromised” and would have no choice but to marry him. In the darkened library where Hawk sets his trap, the woman in his arms fills Hawk with reckless need and passions explode. When the two are caught, it isn’t Jenny he has seduced, but Louisa!

No one can resist Lorraine Heath and her distinctive romance writing style, which is more then evident in her latest, A Duke of Her Own. All the necessities are in play for a good story that leads to the ultimate happy ending that romance readers crave. A brash heroine who thumbs her nose at society is portrayed nicely in Lady Louisa. Hawk’s motives are explained as to why he cannot pursue Louisa and must settle for the heiress. The many plot twists are often predictable and the reader will outguess the characters before they figure it out. Overall the read is quick, enjoyable and sure to satisfy!

Reviewed in October 2006 by Bonnie.

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