by Phyllis Campbell

August 2006
ISBN: 1897261578
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Who else but Summer Bennett would scale a careening coach, climb into the driver’s seat, and wield a shotgun at bandits while trying to control the horses? It was all in a day’s work for the young lady who had just come from her aunt's school for young ladies. Jesse Slade wasn’t surprised to witness the wildcat up to her old tricks, but to say she hadn’t changed would be a lie. Summer had changed: in all the ways that made a man remember he was a man. She’d always managed to get under his skin, but Jesse was engaged to her sister now and he had to subdue those runaway feelings that seemed to beset him whenever Summer was near. He was a Texas Ranger. Dealing with one woman shouldn’t be too difficult, should it?

Summer Bennett would never forgive Jesse for tying her up. The townspeople stared when they saw the two of them riding in with Summer hog-tied to his horse. If he didn’t bring out the worst in her she wouldn’t have to fight him every chance she got. It was entirely Jesse’s fault. Anyone with eyes in their head could see that a marriage between Jesse Slade and her sister would be nothing short of a catastrophe. Violet deserved better than that jerk and Summer was going to make sure her sister realized the fact. She soon learned that her sister was not the only one who needed rescuing. While Summer was away at school their father had an accident that left him unable to walk, which meant unable to work. The family was in danger of losing their livery business, their very survival. She would do everything within her power to help her family. Even if it meant enduring close proximity with Jesse.

Holding out for a Hero by Phyllis Campbell is an irresistibly romantic tale, the kind that gives the reader the warm fuzzies. It is fast-paced as well, the action begins with page one and the author keeps it going until the last page is read. Jesse Slade and Summer Bennett fight a losing battle against their attraction for one another. This book is filled with humor, charming characters, and plenty of romance. The thing that makes this story different from others with similar plots is the special touch of Ms. Campbell. Her characters are endearing. Their individual personalities are well written and believable. I look forward to more from this gifted storyteller.

Reviewed in August 2006 by Rho.

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