by Diana Groe

November 2006
ISBN: 0-8439-5789-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

The Isle of Erin

Irish princesses Brenna and her sister, Moira, were walking along the beach not far from their father’s keep when they came across the inert body of a heavily muscled Northman. Justified in their terror of the man and his kind, Brenna stood her ground when the man suddenly woke. In awe of the plucky woman, the man struggles with answering questions and then realizes he has no memory prior to waking. Brenna’s father, King Brian of Donegal, is about to pronounce a death sentence to their enemy, when Brenna steps up and begs her father to spare him. Christening the man “Keefe Murphy” (handsome sea warrior in Gaelic), Brenna is given the task by her father of keeping an eye on their “guest”.

Where was he from, and how did he wash up on the Irish shore? The Northman had no clues other then his jeweled dagger and the cask of ale that had saved him from drowning. Bargaining with the Irish King for his life with the contents of his cask, “Keefe” begins to ingratiate himself with the King and his people. It seems the Northman possesses woodworking knowledge, using his craft to benefit the people of Donegal.

When Viking raiders storm the beach and attack Moira, Keefe goes against his own kind in order to save her. For reward King Brian decrees that Keefe is now one of them, and gifts him with Brenna’s hand in marriage and the freedom to pursue his destiny with her in tow. Building a ship, Keefe sets out for the colony of Norse at Dublin with Brenna. As they journey the land of Eire in search of answers to Keefe’s past, and hopefully fulfill a promise Brenna had made to her deceased older sister, the two share glorious love filled nights in each others arms and begin to hope for a bright future together. It is the echo of Erinsong that pulls Keefe to Dublin; his returning memories assure it will cost him his newfound life and love with Brenna...forever!

Fledgling author Diana Groe depicts a vivid picture of the ancient Irish and the Vikings who warred with them in Erinsong. Great character interaction molds a fine romance between the proud Princess Brenna and a man she has very good cause to fear. Keefe/Jorund is a fantastic hero who uses brains as well as brawn to fight his battles. Erinsong out sings its prequel, Maidensong!

Reviewed in February 2007 by Bonnie.

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