by Suzanne Forster

August 2001
ISBN: 0-425-18097-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Whereas Suzanne Foster managed in her previous books to enthrall her readers with suspense and sizzling sexual tension, she only inspired lackluster curiosity towards her plot and her characters in Angel Face.

Dr. Jordan Carpenter, a highly respected heart specialist, is approached by the CIA claiming that he is on the death list of a female serial killer targeting only successful doctors; a serial killer known as Angel, for her angelic and innocent looking features. Refusing to let the CIA or Angel run the show, he takes over control by confronting Angela Lowe, who Jordan suspects is the killer.

I did like Jordan's hate/love relationship with his bird, but found his character too sketchy. Hardly any personal information was given away.

When entering Angela's mind, the reader realizes early on that even if she had murdered any of the victims, she can't remember it. And with several trusted acquaintances seemingly conspiring against her, wishing her dead, it is no wonder that she succumbs to Jordan's compassion. But then there were those lengthy descriptions of peoples' thoughts on why Angel/Angela is a serial killer instead of showing the reader how she did it. Sure there were good reasons for that but it still left me uninvolved, observing the whole plot in an impersonal and analytical fashion.

It's so disappointing, as the premise is promising. After all how many romance books feature a heroine accused of being a serial killer? Sadly it's exactly that premise that made it difficult for me to get into the story, as I found it impossible to identify with the heroine, an absolute necessity for me to love a romance novel. Another complaint would be the lack of displayed tender emotions. Love is hinted at but never experienced. It is frustrating to see the lack of personal interactions between the hero and heroine until well into the story, over a hundred pages of nearly non-physical, visual contact, a fact that left me emotionally uninvolved throughout the story. The whole book had a dated feel to it, sort of an 80's action and sex blockbuster. Not always bad but definitely not satisfying. It left me cold and uninterested. I was more curious about the secondary characters, who seemed to be driven by motivations seemingly stronger than the hero and heroine's.

Sad to say, this book is only for the Suzanne Forster fans out there. For everyone else it means hoping for better things with the next scheduled release.

Reviewed in January 2002 by Kris Alice.

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