by Carla Neggers

October 2006
ISBN: 0-7783-2303-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books

The Widow is Carla Neggers newest offering. It is the story of Abigail Browning who set off for the Maine coast on her honeymoon, and came back a widow after an all too brief marriage.

Abigail and Chris went to the Maine coast to celebrate the beginning of their lives together. They chose to honeymoon in a home that Chris owned. They never thought that the idyll they were experiencing would be so tragically shattered.

Abigail is attacked and a family heirloom stolen. Chris, an FBI agent tries to figure out who attacked Abigail, and before he can solve the crime, he is brutally murdered. It has not been seven years since his death, and the murder remains unsolved. Abigail has become a homicide detective, and the crime remains something she is determined to have resolved.

In her effort to find the killer, Abigail goes to Maine. There events begin to spiral out of control, and it remains to be seen who can be trusted and who cannot.

In The Widow Ms. Neggers introduces readers to a whole community of characters who have something to hide. At first, the connection is unclear, and readers could be easily confused. Keep reading, soon it becomes apparent that many people had a connection to Chris, as he was a youth growing up in the town. The many townspeople who have built successful careers, fear what Abigail will uncover about them as she comes closer and closer to finding the person who killed her husband.

When you open the pages of The Widow you will want to be sure you have time to sit and read, because Ms. Neggers immediately draws you into the story. When the last page is turned, readers will be satisfied that Abigail comes away ready to fully embrace a new love and move on with her life.

Reviewed in November 2006 by Sandi.

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