by Liz Ireland

July 2002
ISBN: 0-8217-7116-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Celia Snowden is tired of writing wedding columns and she certainly doesn’t want to help plan one—especially for her friend who’s marrying a total stranger! As maid of honor, Celia is destined to play a big role in this fiasco, but if she has to do it, then she wants the support of her best buddy and pal, Davis Smith. Davis is the man whom she always has a date with, whether it’s going to basketball games or weddings, Davis is the man she can always count on to help her in a pinch and a buddy who can make her laugh. That, of course, was all before he kissed her! Now she’s confused and even more so when he apologizes and goes back to being her buddy. Except things have changed. Celia never realized how tall Davis is, or how good of a dancer, and she starts to see green when he starts dating…will life ever be the same?

Davis Smith is secretly in love with Celia (the blind ninny) and while he wants to tell her how he feels in hopes of her feeling the same way, he can’t get the “what if she doesn’t?” out of his head. You never quite realized how big a word “IF” is! *G* Tired of pining for Celia, a girl who is into a more exotic and foreign looking man then a born-and-bred Nebraskan, Davis has decided that he will undergo a change, a makeover. Yet, he still can’t get Celia out of his mind, and he can’t stop feeling guilty when he dates other women. He knows that some things have got to change, and he’s now ready to make Celia see that he “is” the right man for her…no matter what it takes.

When I Think Of You is a fun and smart story that had me reading into the night. Filled with good humor and wonderful characters, you can’t go wrong with choosing this book. Reading the passages where Davis is practically bursting…Bursting, I tell you…made “my” heart ache! I’m in love with Davis. Really. He’s funny and sweet and he’s not always confident, which just makes him even more wonderful! I wanted to smack Celia over the head just to get her to open her eyes! LOL Listen, you know an author has done a fantastic job with her characters when you start to really feel for the protagonists and especially when you want to do one of them bodily harm! *G*

This story was delightful! The humor has a madcap feel to it, the emotional characters kept me riveted to the pages and above all…I wanted Celia to wake up and smell the coffee!

Reviewed in August 2002 by Thea.

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