by Allie Mackay

November 2006
ISBN: 0-451-21981-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Present Day, Scottish Highlands

Self-employed tour guide, American Mara McDougall, was taking a breather from the loony-tune members of her group by browsing in a London antique shop. Drawn to a medieval bed in the back of the store, Mara crashes into the solid muscled wall of a huge man oddly dressed in medieval costume, and who speaks with the sexiest Scottish burr Mara has ever heard. The “Hottie Scottie” as Mara deems him, is not pleased about Mara being near “his” bed, and has an apoplexic fit when he hears her last name is McDougall. Deciding she has had enough of this extremely rude man, Mara leaves. When she turns around to take one last look at the bed, the man is as mysteriously gone as he appeared! To make her day even more bizarre, Mara returns to her hotel to learn she has just inherited a Scottish castle! A bequeathal from a member of the same clan Mara descended from, and there are stipulations that Mara must meet in order to keep her inheritance. Not giving a fig about the rantings of the Hottie Scottie and his bed, Mara has the bed purchased and sent on to her new home, Ravenscraig Castle in the Scottish Highlands.

In 1312, gallant Sir Alexander Douglass was sent by King Robert Bruce to wed the Lady Isobel of Ravenscraig. Alex and his loyal men were ambushed by the traitorous MacDougall clan in a plot conceived by the Lady Isobel herself. Tricked into a curse, and damned for all eternity by the MacDougall leader, Alex now haunts the very bed he had brought with him as a wedding gift for his deceitful betrothed. Despising all MacDougall’s Alex will stop at nothing to keep them out of his bed, including the tantalizingly beautiful one that he clashed with in the antique shop. Realizing she is not afraid of him or his threats, Alex discovers a passion with Mara that he hasn’t known for over seven hundred years! Burning for Mara, Alex wants to put aside his hate, and find the one emotion he missed in life, love!

Highlander in Her Bed is a whimsical read that will have you panting from start to finish! Allie Mackay, aka Sue-Ellen Welfonder, knows what a Scottish romance novel needs and socks it to you! Red-hot sizzling chemistry ignites from the moment Sir Alex materializes in front of feisty Mara. Highlander in Her Bed is a sure bet bestseller!

Reviewed in October 2006 by Bonnie.

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