by Julie Garwood

December 2006
ISBN: 978-0-345-45386-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Ballantine Books

Dylan Buchanan and Kate MacKenna – their story was told in Slow Burn - get married and bring together two large, proud families. During their wedding reception a man claiming to be a history professor shows up unannounced and claims there has been a long standing feud between these two clans and that the Buchanan’s are barbaric monsters. Jordan Buchanan doesn’t appreciate the insinuation and finds the professor exceptionally rude.

Noah Clayborne, a friend of the family and Nick Buchanan’s partner in the FBI, teases Jordan because she’s very serious and never does anything spur of the moment. So when the professor invites her to review some of his research she decides to accept his offer and heads on down to Serenity, Texas. The doctor is as annoying and repulsive as ever, but Jordan is charmed by the small town and its friendly residents.

But Serenity isn’t as peaceful as the name implies, and when the professor turns up dead, Jordan is the prime suspect. The local law is abusive and incompetent and Jordan calls her brother for help. Nick and Noah arrive and Jordan is extremely glad to have their help. What she doesn’t expect is to feel quite so attracted to Noah and fears she’s going to be just one more woman who falls prey to his charms.

I’ve been looking forward to Noah’s story from the very beginning of this series. He was always passing out such sage advice as his friends found themselves falling in love and I was very curious as to how he’d handle the situation himself. His story is made even more special due to the fact he falls for a friend. While a romantic suspense, the story isn’t an edge of your seat thriller, but more a slow revelation of small town secrets. At times the story seemed to drag but the ending is well worth the journey.

Reviewed in December 2006 by Jackie.

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