by Jade Rivers

January 2006
ISBN: 0-9773034-035-026
Reviewer Graphic Button Ocean`s Mist Press

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Allegra is heading out on this Saturday morning, looking for bargains, at the neighborhood “tag sale”. She has her eye on an armoire but because she was a few minutes late, she lost out! The former owner of the armoire, Dora Clayton, invites her into the garage, after hearing that she wanted the armoire, with a lamp stand that she may like. Allegra finds that she does indeed like it and buys it. Dora tells her that she has something that will go with the stand perfectly – a bronze lamp - and runs to the attic to get it! When Allegra gets her treasures home, she sets up the stand and prepares to clean the lamp. What happens next is totally amazing!

Allegra’s Magic Lamp by Jade Rivers is a terrific story of self-awakening and “looking at yourself through someone else’s eyes” – and liking what you see. The hero is simply wonderful and Allegra is a woman that once she sees what she truly desires, she goes after it! The ending is a real surprise but oh, so satisfying! This book will leave you feeling great after reading it! Kudos, Ms. Rivers!

Reviewed in July 2006 by PamL.

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