by Sonia Icilyn

June 2002
ISBN: 1-583-14351-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Arabesque Books
Mass Market Paperback

Eve Hamilton is a desperate woman who is trying to find who murdered her brother, Paul. Believing that her brother has been killed by Professor Theophilus de Cordova, she proceeds with a plan to destroy him. Eve tricks Theo into believing that she is interested in investing in one of his projects. In reality, Eve is trying to get close to Theo in order to steal the formula for his secret project Phoebe. Eve believes her brother was killed because he found out about Phoebe and what it really does. Working for whom she believes is the Metropolitan Police, Eve meets Theo at his lab in Scotland in order to carryout her plan.

After their meeting in Scotland, Theo discovers that Eve believes he killed her brother. Theo has his own problems, including a son with a hearing disability and trying to keep Phoebe a secret until it can be presented at a United Nations meeting. Theo follows Eve to London after she steals his formula for Phoebe. He can hardly believe that Eve, whom he loves, could have betrayed him. However, Eve soon discovers that Theo is not a cold-blooded killer, that Phoebe is a beneficial formula, and that she has been betrayed by both her brother and a trusted family friend. Theo must find his formula before it falls into the wrong hands and protect both Eve and his son. Eve and Theo team up to try and discover who killed her brother, who wants Phoebe enough to kill for it, and to elude the thugs that are after them.

Sonia Icilynís novel Possession is a fast paced story about a woman and a man who fall in love while running from drug lords, thugs, and a crazed scientist! The plot is highly entertaining but a bit confusing, as I never really understood why some of the characters wanted to acquire Phoebe. I spent much of my time trying to figure out the relationship between Theo and Eve and the rest of the characters. This really detracted from the plot of the book. I found Theo and Eve to be well-defined characters but the conversation between them seemed flat and even stilted at times. Unfortunately, I did not find either of them particularly likeable and Eve was incredibly naive at times. I thought that this story was not plausible and the romance in Possession seemed to take a back seat to the mystery and the action, which was slightly disappointing for me. Overall, I felt that this novel was too confusing and illogical to be an enjoyable read.

Reviewed in August 2002 by Jen.

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