by Angela Knight

July 2006
ISBN: 1-59596-395-2
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Adiva Mayhew is on the run. As a damn good spy, and member of the alliance, General Tang has place a two million dollar bounty price on her head. Trying to escape death, Adiva is pursued by the ruthless bounty hunter, The Vigilante. Caught in his web, Adiva knows her fate is to be handed over to Tang, a fate that will surely lead to certain death. She is shocked when, instead, Vigilante offers her a way out – to become his bloodthrall submissive. For Vigilante is a vampire and all he wants to do is Adiva - over and over again.

Longing for a bloodthrall that would suit his sweet tooth, Vigilante pursues Adiva relentlessly. He can give her exactly what she needs after all he is a 21st level dominant to her 17th level submissive.

As Adiva yields to his seductive dominance, she finds herself falling in love with the big, bad Vigilante. But General Tang is not willing to give up so easily. The bounty still stands, and there are other eager hunters more determined than ever to claim the bounty on Adiva’s head…

All Wrapped Up: Blood Service is a spicy, sizzling short from the talented Angela Knight. Ms Knight brings to this story all the elementals that make her best selling books so successful. Even though the story is only sixty pages in its entirety, Blood Service manages to take the reader of a whirlwind of emotions. From sensual explosive sex scenes to characters that the reader connects with, this reviewer thoroughly enjoyed reading this novella. No one writes a wonderfully loving dominant-submissive relationship quite like Angela Knight. To see Adiva and Vigilante progress in their relationship from pure sex to a loving, fulfilling partnership is a delight to read. If you are looking for a short read to spice up your summer, you cannot go wrong with All Wrapped Up: Blood Service!

Reviewed in August 2006 by Donna.

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