by Tara Janzen

November 2006
ISBN: 0-440-24279-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Dell Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

Crazy Sweet is the sixth book in SDF (Special Defense Forces) located on Steele Street, in Denver Colorado. This story is about Travis James and Red Dog. If youíve read the series then you know who these characters are. Travis James has been in the stories from the very beginning. We met Red Dog in Crazy Love and we get to see what has happened to her since her experience in that story.

Travis has been training for a mission of his own since he came to Steele Street and he finally has it. This one involves Red Dog and he needs for his own peace of mind to keep her safe. But can he?

Red Dog is out for revenge for the life she had before she was taken hostage and given an experimental drug. A life she canít remember but does know who took it from her. And she taunts him on his own turf in Central America leaving him a calling card.

Travis will do anything to keep Red Dog safe and away from the man who destroyed the woman she was before. Travis fell in love with that woman but loves the woman she is now as well. Now the problem is can Travis keep track of Red Dog and her plan for Tony Royce and still stay within the confines of his job? Only time and a true test of his self control and the other men that make up Steele Street will be the answer.

Tara Janzen gave us another amazing Steele Street story of Travis and Red Dog. Travis remembers who Red Dog was before and who she became. Red Dog only remembers Angel and a few other things from her life before the drug took her memories and changed her. Crazy Sweet is full of action, adventure and danger. Iím sure we will be seeing more of these sexy, strong, and loyal men and the love of their lives in future stories. And a few other secondary characters as well.

Reviewed in September 2007 by Pam.

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