by Tracy Sumner

July 2002
ISBN: 0821773593
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Though the husbands and fathers in the small town of Pilot Isle, North Carolina are harassed to death by the newcomer, no one knows better how much trouble she really is than the town constable, Zachariah Garrett. Savannah Connor, who is temporarily in town to help her best friend teach her women’s school while she’s away, is a suffragette and therefore, some might say, a troublemaker… of the worst kind.

Tides of Passion is romance, pure and simple. It takes us through the rollercoaster relationship of Zach and Savannah within a small and gossip-ridden town. Zach, being the town constable and a widower with a young son, is looked upon as the all-around-nice-guy that all the single ladies court and that no one can do without. Stoic, calm and always composed, Zach’s responsibility is to smooth feathers – feathers that lately Savannah has been uncompromisingly ruffling. From the plight of the working women in the local oyster factory, to heading rallies for women’s right to vote, Savannah is determined that her temporary stay be a fruitful one. Consequently, Savannah has sorely tried the patience of the ever self-possessed town constable, to the point of arguing in public. The local ladies figured if she can get the handsome and decidedly single Zach Garrett into a tizzy like that, there must be something to the suffragette movement after all!

Savannah is strong-minded, sassy and intelligent. And fun! She knows what she wants and what she has to do – and usually works with “the-end-justifies-the-means” maxim. Which doesn’t work at all for Zach; every consequence of Savannah’s actions is something that he, as the upholder of law, has to constantly deal with. Though they think they’re fooling the town with their arguments, there are a few men and women who are more perceptive than they think! And the romance between Zach and Savannah includes stolen moments of hot, passionate kisses as well as provocative fights….

And, of course, what’s a good rousing argument without make-up sex afterwards?! Tracy Sumner has written a relationship between two volatile personalities with deeply motivated actions – and the result is sexy and fun! There is nothing to distract Zach and Savannah’s romance, no evil villains, no broken-hearted mistress/girlfriend… okay, so Zach may have a lot of emotional baggage but, hey, what good is being an alpha hero without a few hang-ups that a strong and able heroine can’t conquer?

Though the secondary characters and the setting itself lends to the charm of the story, it is Zach and Savannah that wholly recommend this book. They’re fun, daring and sexy (did I say that already?) – a deliciously romantic read that you won’t want to put down!

Reviewed in August 2002 by Veronica.

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