by Patricia Sargeant

November 2006
ISBN: 0-7582-1876-1
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Mass Market Paperback

Nicole Collins has built a new life for herself. It has been four years since her marriage fell apart and she felt her husband let her down. She wrote before but now it is her livelihood. Her friend, Denise, is also her agent and there are things she does not know about Nicole's past. Things Nicole may have no choice but to share in order to explain her strange behavior. Nicole is thrilled to learn that the first part of her sci-fi series has been picked up by a production company to be made into a movie. The one great thing about this is that she will be a part of the decision-making in the production. Her cousin is depending on her financially for there are medical bills that need attention in order for them to have a life or death surgery.

Macolm Bryant is co-owner of Celesial Productions and they are the production company that agreed to Nicole Collins' terms to make the first book of her sci-fi series. What the production company left out or failed to disclosed is Macolm is Nicole's ex-husband.

Nicole and Macolm shared something so private that they have not healed as a couple. Assuming what the other feels is not the answer but communicating with each other and sharing how they feel would help both of them. Will they be able to do that? Also will Nicole be able to work with Macolm and keep it just business, for she still loves him. Does he love her? Is she worth fighting for? Nicole has been receiving threats but whom are they directed at?

The threats have not only touched Nicole but others as well. Does this have anything to do with Nicole or are the threats directed to the wrong person? Who may die? Will Macolm protect Nicole or run again? Will their hearts heal as a couple? Will Nicole have to risk her life for this movie?

So many questions in You Belong To Me. Patricia Sargeant not only wrote a tender love story but one of suspense as well as deception. It kept me wondering who felt that Nicole's characters were their family? I thought I knew who the bad person was but I was wrong and once you pick up this book, you will not want to put it down. It's a keeper for me.

Reviewed in January 2007 by Theresa.

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