by Anya Bast

July 2006
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Miranda has been traumatized by her turbulent past and avoids any relationships that may lead to a commitment. Until her best friend introduces her to the man who will change her life, free her spirit and share her soul. When Miranda meets Theo she is instantly drawn to him in a way she has never been to any man.

Beautiful urbane Theo doesnít look like the warrior he is. As a full blooded Tylwyth Teg fae, he and his partner Marco are charged with defending their sector from the goblins but they donít have to do it alone anymore. Now that they have discovered that Miranda is their missing third, their mate, they are desperate to make her theirs for eternity. To do so they will have to reconcile their instinctual need to jealously keep her from the other. Convincing Miranda to join them, to accept their fantastic truth, will be almost as hard as killing a goblin but, hopefully, not as bloody.

Turn up the a/c and get ready for a hot night! Tempted by Two the sequel to Seduced in Twilight will make you frantic for your B.O.B. Marco and Theo are attractive opposites who totally compliment the more submissive Miranda. The added tension from a hidden threat was the finishing touch to one of Anya Bastís best.


Reviewed in September 2006 by Cynthia.

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