by Dinah McCall

April 1997
ISBN: 0-06-108444-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Harper Books
Mass Market Paperback

Want a hero that you just fall in love with and canít get enough of? Pick up a copy of Dinah McCallís Tallchief and meet Morgan Tallchief.

High school senior Morgan Tallchief is a fast runner, with a soft spot for the local schoolteacherís daughter, Kathleen Ryder. One night, after setting a national running record for High Schools, he and Kathleen take the bus home. They were reminiscing about their short past together and after a few emotional words, Morgan and Kathleen make love.

After a while, Morgan takes Kathleen home, sees her to the door and kisses her goodnight and walks down the street. When heís a few blocks away, he hears Kathleen scream. He turns and begins running toward her house as fast as he could but he was too late. The house blows up with Kathleen and her family inside.

Something inside Morgan died that night. He tried to go in after her, but was held back. He never said a word, never said a thing. But as one of his coaches was driving him home, the tears began to fall. He graduates school and joins the Navy, hoping to die before the year is out.

Sixteen years later, Morgan is living in Santa Fe as an up-and-coming Native American artist. And then one day, he sees two people coming up the road. At first, he is annoyed, he doesnít feel like company, but then he realized it was two women.

Kathleen, now Julie Walkman, and her daughter, Trish, are on the run from an unknown force. Her fatherís past, the very thing that had taken her away from the only man she had ever loved, had come back again and she was in trouble.

Morgan couldnít believe that Kathleen is alive. He had seen her die all those years before. Confused, they argue, and he finds out that Trish is also his daughter. He canít turn them away, so he offers them shelter, as well as help Kathleen find who is out to get them.

Morgan and Kathleenís story evolves so quickly and seamlessly that it blew my mind to read this book. It was colorful, fast paced and all together wonderful. I read this all night, and went through two boxes of tissues before it was over. I loved the characters and Morgan Tallchief is now on my list of favorite heroes.

Reviewed in August 2002 by Lucy.

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