by Julie Kenner, Kathleen O\'Reilly, Dee Davis

October 2006
ISBN: 0-425-21182-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

It truly must be hell when the big guy ruling the fires below decides he’s had enough of the pressures of running and ruining the souls of mankind. The solution: he has three strong able-bodied sons he can turn things over to, or does he? A devil of a time is had by all when the sons of Lucifer are about to handed over the keys to Hell…

Jack Vassago, the oldest and most trusted of Lucifer’s sons is about to be given over the reins of Hell. Jack has lied, cheated and stolen more souls in his immortal lifetime that he can count. He is ready to face up to the one test his father gives him. If he passes, the key to ruling hell is all his. Sometimes the old saying, “A cold day in Hell” is just that!

Jack is by author Kathleen O’Reilly. This fascinating story starts this three-author anthology off with flying colors. Ms. O’Reilly strikes all the right notes in Jack to give the characters life and vitality to their very souls. Her heated pen does not leave a page without something sexual scorching or sharply witted. Overall this story is a hellishly decadent read!

Lucifer’s son Nick, a famous painter alsohas a chance at running hell, that is if can do the one seeming simple task his father asks of him. Painting is whole life and his carefree and love-them-and-leave-them lifestyle should make this task as easy as a brushstroke. But, some colors differ and blend the wrong way, even if you are the son of Satan.

Nick is by author Julie Kenner. Ms. Kenner painted a heated tale of one man that has it all - money, fame and beautiful woman at his beck and call. Love played no part in his dark heart. With her wily crafted pen, Ms. Kenner displays this tale with vivid colors and characters that go straight to the heart. What a grand imagination you have, Ms. Kenner!

Marcus is Lucifer’s last hope for taking over the business of running Hell. It is up to Marcus to complete one undertaking. For a man that collects fine artifacts and antiquity, sometimes underhandedly, this should be like taking candy from a baby. Then again too much of a good thing can ruin your appetite for even the greatest of treasures. Will he be able to rise up to the challenge?

Marcus is by author Dee Davis. What a delicious and sexually salacious tale Ms. Davis crafted in Marcus. His character is big, bad and sexy to the core. Ms. Davis finished off this anthology with a resounding winner in Marcus. This author filled this story with heat, romance and action. Marcuswas this reviewer’s favorite.

Hell With The Ladies is a completely pulled together anthology that blended seamlessly between the three authors. This book is not only good it is great! Do not hesitate for a second to purchase this book. If anyone asked, just tell him or her the devil made you do it!

Oh, by the way…it looks like the ruler from down under has daughters. Hell has no fury like a woman if she ever is given the opportunity to the keys of darkness!

Reviewed in November 2006 by Janalee.