by Leanne Banks

September 2006
ISBN: 0-373-77128-2
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Mass Market Paperback

Amelia Parker is thrilled to have a temporary job working for Lillian Bellagio of Bellagio Shoes in the Florida Keys. Not only is it a unique work experience, but it also gives her time to heal from the traumatic breakup from her fiancÚ', Will. She and Will have known each other since childhood.

Amelia has lived a fairly conservative life, so she is both intrigued and a bit wary when she meets Jack O'Connell, a brash, handsome venture capitalist. He challenges her to loosen up and have some fun. Amelia throws caution to the wind and has a true tropical fling. Later, she begins to wonder about Jack's ulterior motives. Is Jack only around to show Amelia how to be Footloose, or is there more lurking beneath his ambitious surface?

Readers are sure to find Amelia empathetic. She is smart and compassionate and only needs to relax more to reach her full potential. Jack seems like a "love 'em and leave 'em" bad boy on first glimpse, but the past, that has fueled his need to get ahead, has also put a damper on his emotions and ability to be truly honest and open. There is a simmering immediate attraction between Jack and Amelia that slowly comes to a full boil.

Footloose is the latest novel in a series, but will hold up well on its own. Several characters are back in secondary roles from the earlier books, Underfoot and Feet First. You will want to go back and read these, if you haven't already, for stories that are as clever and sexy as the shoes the Bellagio Company makes. Leanne Banks is a sublime storyteller and has become a "must read" for me.

Reviewed in August 2006 by Roberta.

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