by Tina Gerow

June 2006
ISBN: 1-933874-71-6
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This second in the Knight Sisters series continues a few months from where Stone Maiden ended. The four gargoyle sisters quickly find themselves dealing with another series of prophesy – all of which are vague enough to irritate the heck out of them. They are constantly being put in charge of saving the world but the powers that be seem to find it amusing to not give them any straight answers.

Dagan doesn’t expect a warm welcome at the McAllister ranch, but he’s seriously wounded and needs their help. Kefira Knight has never forgotten Dagan, and she’s still mad at him for hurting her. But thoughts of him also bring back the memory of the baby she thinks she lost. However, the truth isn’t as it seems and Kefira doesn’t know what really happened several years earlier.

The creatures who attacked Dagan are part vampire, part succubus. The Queen of the Succubus has been trying to breed a new master race and her first goal is to kill the gargoyles. Since the latest prophesy pertains to Dagan he is allowed to stay at the ranch. Being around him brings back Kefira’s feelings for him, and though she forgives him, she can’t find the courage to forgive herself.

There is plenty of action and sex in this paranormal tale. While there are some graphic scenes, they don’t go too far. What I enjoyed most is in a time when paranormal stories are so abundant, and sometimes so similar, here is a series that is completely original and fun.

Thankfully all of the characters from the first book are just as prominent in this one. Though Logan and Arial already had their story told, they are still important in this sequel. With two more sisters in this family, I’m certainly hoping they’ll get their stories told as well.

Reviewed in October 2006 by Jackie.

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