by Cathryn Fox

November 2006
ISBN: 0-06-089856-9
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Trade Paperback

Laura Manning and her research partner Jay Cutler have created a revolutionary formula for a libido suppressant, designed to prolong a couples’ sexual pleasure. The only problem is they need viable subjects to test it on. Well known for his way with women Jay is the perfect volunteer. When he suggests Laura act as the ‘stimulant’ in their experiment the situation becomes combustible. Lace, candlelight, and a sexy striptease make the temperatures rise and test Jay’s control.

Laura is well aware of Jay’s reputation and his preferences in sexual partners — gorgeous, model thin, stacked, and tall. His sudden interest in her is intriguing but puzzling; she hardly fits the thin, leggy model mode. But curvy, pretty Laura is willing to step up and take one — or Jay — for the team. However, it looks like the lab’s main competitor is willing to go to any means to get their hands on the formula for the suppressant.

Cathryn Fox’s NY debut is a smash! Pleasure Control is intriguing, evocative fun you won’t want to miss. The main characters were so easy to become involved with. As the first book in the Pleasure Games series, Pleasure Control is a great intro into the ‘world’ of pleasure enhancing stimuli. Enjoy!

Reviewed in October 2006 by Cynthia.

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