by Jenna Black

November 2006
ISBN: 0-765-35451-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Tor Books
Mass Market Paperback

Carolyn Mathers was engaged to be married to Gray James three years earlier and then he just disappeared. Shes never gotten over the pain and betrayal, but shes also never quite stopped loving him either. Shes trying the dating thing, but can honestly say shes not giving it a fair try. While on her way to her car one night shes threatened by a teenage punk with a knife. Shes perfectly capable of protecting herself, but before she even gets the chance, a man threatens the boy and he runs off. When Carolyn turns around and sees Gray standing there shes shocked.

Gray never stopped loving Carolyn, and knows he should stay far away from her, but cant seem to keep his distance. He never meant to hurt her, but just days before their wedding he was attacked and then turned into a vampire. Fighting the beast inside him is a day to day struggle and he doesnt want Carolyn to ever be in danger from himself.

There is an organization called The Guardians. These members - vampires themselves - make it their job to keep mortals safe from other vampires who want to feed on them. They also find newly turned vampires and try to teach them how to survive amongst the humans without hurting them. Once a vampire kills, the urge to do so again is sometimes too strong to resist.

Though Gray wants to keep Carolyn from becoming involved with his world, a serial killer is on the loose and its obvious hes a vampire. When Carolyn is threatened, Gray knows hell do anything to keep her safe. Hes also under watch from The Guardians, who suspect he himself may be the killer.

With so many paranormal stories being published, its always entertaining to come across one which has a unique take on things. Though definitely a tale of vampires, the story focuses more on the personal than the supernatural. Im certainly hoping there will be more Guardians of the Night books.

Reviewed in October 2006 by Jackie.

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