by Tina Gerow

October 2006
ISBN: 1933471468
Reviewer Graphic Button Triskelion Publishing
Trade Paperback

Arial Knight, while looking completely human, is actually a gargoyle. She and her three sisters are the only ones left of their race. After nine hundred years of service, they were released to walk in daylight and live among humans. A glamour spell is used to hide their wings when they arenít needed.

Logan McAlliser, country music song writer, keeps finding himself, or rather his family jewels, under attack. His friend and business manager is trying to hire a bodyguard for him, though Logan doesnít think itís necessary. When Arial arrives for an interview he canít imagine a small woman being his bodyguard, but he canít deny a sexual attraction to her. Arial is surprised - and extremely ticked off - to learn his manager is James Wellington, a vampire with whom she has a history.

After being saved from a vicious zombie attack, Logan finds out that all in the world is not as he knew it, and there are actually all sorts of supernatural creatures out there. It is revealed he is part of a prophesy which will have dire consequences for the rest of mankind if he makes the wrong decision.

When a woman from Loganís past enters the picture, Arial has to deal with her feelings for him and still provide security. His safety is even more important now that they know his destiny.

With gargoyles, vampires, angels, fairies and more, this story is a supernatural smorgasbord, but written in a way that makes you think itís all possible. The characters are all strong in their own way, yet each carries heartache and fear. Thank goodness this is just the first in a series and we will hopefully get to see all the sisters find true love.

Reviewed in September 2006 by Jackie.

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