by Robyn DeHart

October 2006
ISBN: 0-06-112752-3
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Mass Market Paperback

The second book in her Ladie's Amateur Sleuth Society, Robyn DeHart brings us Deliciously Wicked and Meg's story.

When Meg Piddington finds herself locked in her father's chocolate factory after hours with the most handsomly attractive man she has ever met, well, she knows she's in big trouble. But when she discovers that she has become his only alibi to a crime that she knows he didn't commit, how is she to prove his innocence without compromising herself in the eyes of the world. Of course nothing happened when they were locked in the factory, but will any one ever believe that? No!

Gareth Mandeville did not commit the dastardly crime that he is being accused of, but he certainly would not use Meg as his alibi. He has too many secrets that would certainly surface if any one decided to investigate into his past. Not only will admitting that she was with him on the night of the 'supposed' crime destroy her reputation, it would also force them to marry and he would rather face prison that to fall into the parson's trap.

With the mystery of who actually did the crime, Meg sees the perfect opportunity to doff her sleuthing hat to get to the bottom of Gareth's troubles. She enlists the help of her fellow partners in the Ladie's Amateur Sleuth Society and begins an investigation that will uncover a plot to over throw her father's factory and will put their very lives in grave danger.

I love these kinds of stories...they're such fun. Adventure, romance, passion and women who aren't afraid to follow their dream, no matter what it is.

Robyn DeHart is one of today's premiere romance authors. All of her stories are wonderfully written with great attention to detail and a plot that keeps the reader riveted to the pages.

With fun secondary characters and a plot that never fails, this is a sure keeper for your romance collection.

Reviewed in November 2006 by Debbie.

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