by Kathryn Caskie

October 2006
ISBN: 0-06-112456-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Mary Royle is in love! Though she and her two sisters are just making their debut amongst the Ton, Mary has already set her sights on the perfect husband. It is war hero Quinn, Viscount Wetherly. He’s handsome, brave and kindhearted. He’s nothing like his rogue of a brother, Rogan, the Duke of Blackstone.

Rogan sees Mary Royle as the worse kind of woman: a guinea-grabber. He’s sure she’s of the same mold of his stepmother, the woman who broke his father’s heart. He’s not about to let his softhearted brother fall prey to her clutches. So, he does what any self-serving brother would do. He determines to head off Mary’s advances at all costs. Little does he know that Mary may not be just any ordinary country miss... Rather, she has an exciting lineage of her own.

The Royle triplets may just be the hidden daughters of the Prince himself. While Mary and her sisters try to find clues to the truth about their birthright, Mary must struggle with Rogan’s bold advances, sneaky threats, and her own growing attraction to him. Could it be that Mary’s ideal man is not the golden-hearted Quinn, but rather, his dashing and beastly brother, the man who truly is stealing Mary’s heart?

Multi-talented historical writer Kathryn Caskie steals the show again with this tempting novel. Penny-pinching and staid Mary is the perfect counterpart to the robust Rogan. With Rogan, she’s not staid and sensible Mary; rather she is a thrilling virago of passion and sensuality. You’ll see her character truly come alive when she shares scenes with Rogan. Lucky for readers, Ms. Caskie throws them together at every available moment. A balcony, a coach, a garden...they become the perfect settings for which feelings flourish. The added mystery surrounding the Royle sisters’ lineage adds another layer of intrigue and deception into this well-crafted tale.

Ms. Caskie continually impresses historical readers with her stories, and How to Seduce a Duke is no exception. It’s been said that the historical romance is a dying breed. Well, under Ms. Caskie’s talented pen, readers are assured that sassy and intelligent heroines and dashing heroes will never go out of style.

Reviewed in September 2006 by Sarah.

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