by Evelyn Vaughn

July 2006
ISBN: 0-373-51411-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #97
Mass Market Paperback

An earthquake in Paris is the opening act for a brand new action-adventure series. What follows in the aftershocks is an engrossing mystery with more layers than a puff pastry.

Caught underground after the quake, museum curator Catrina Dauvergne discovers an unusual internment. Five women, presumably killed as traitors during the French Revolution, were entombed with their possessions – an unheard of practice. When Catrina picks up a small key, she is taken back to the Terror for a moment, seeing Paris through the eyes of one of the women.

Unwilling to be rescued before the site is secured; Catrina obtains the help of Rhys Pritchard, a former priest, (and her secret crush). They are plunged headlong into the mystery and danger of the slain Marian priestesses and the secrets that they were willing to protect with their lives. Catrina makes no apologies for her feelings about Rhys, and tempts him at every turn.

Lost Calling is a thrilling debut for The Madonna Key series. Author Evelyn Vaughn has created a sturdy framework for her fellow authors to use in the books to come. Her character development is sharp, and while neither Catrina nor Rhys are wholly admirable, they are likeable. Readers get a strong Gallic flavor from Catrina’s thoughts and attitude, which fleshes out the story. The novel does not pretend to be the end of anything, and readers should be prepared to move forward with subsequent books.

Reviewed in July 2006 by Paula.

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