by Julie Elizabeth Leto, Kimberly Raye, Leslie Kelly

July 2006
ISBN: 0-373-79268-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #264
Mass Market Paperback

The Blaze line has put together three of their hottest authors to take on the All-American

In Julie Elizabeth Letoís Fever Pitch we meet Callie Andrews, owner of the trendy baseball themed four-star restaurant, Diamond. Local baseball team the Louisville Slammers have helped to make the restaurant a hot spot along with the fact that many of the players frequent the place. When word leaks that team owner, Donovan Ross has made a business deal that may see the local team heading for Vegas at the end of the season, everyone is worried and Donovan is on the top of everyoneís hit list. As Donovanís ex Cassie canít believe he would have made such a risky business deal involving a team he loves. The Sluggers are a big part of the reason Donovan is now her ex. When circumstances bring Donovan to Diamond, Cassie feels honor bound to help him out and find out the rest of the story concerning the deal.

The Sweet Spot by Kimberly Raye has sweet shop owner Babe Bannister lusting after Slammers short stop, Cody Cameron. All she wants is one night with this star athlete. When Sluggers coach and her best friend, Brodie Jessup offers to help Babe learn the way to Codyís bed she jumps at the chance. Does Brodie have an ulterior motive for being so helpful?

Sliding Home by Leslie Kelly introduces us to plain Janie Nolan who has a crush on sexy pitcher, Riley Kelleher. Janie is running her brotherís sports store while he is away and the kicker is she knows absolutely nothing about sports. Good thing she has met Edger Smith, an elderly gentleman at the retirement home where her grandmother lives, who is a walking sports encyclopedia and has been a God send to Janie with his help in pricing items for the store. Janie soon has a personal encounter with Riley Kelleher, thanks to Mr. Smith as well. Will she be sliding home and fulfilling her fantasy with this star player?

Boys Of Summer is the perfect beach read. What more could a girl want than three hot and sweaty baseball-themed romances in one delightful little book? The authors do an excellent job in tying these stories together so the reader gets the big picture concerning the baseball team. Secondary characters are charming and round out the story nicely. Do yourself a favor a grab a copy of Boys Of Summer before they are all gone. You wonít be disappointed. My only complaint about this book is that, like summer, it was over all too soon. Julie, Kimberly, and Leslie will have you longing for the lazy hazy days of summer and a baseball hero of your own. Boys Of Summer is a sure fire winner!

Reviewed in July 2006 by Barbara.