by Evangeline Anderson

June 2005
ISBN: 1-59578-068-8
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This short story begins with James Redhorse being cursed by his dying grandmother for turning his back on his Navajo heritage. For three months he was going to live the life of a dog, only retaining his human form during the three nights of the full moon each month. If, in that time, he doesn’t find the woman who will believe in him, and embrace his heritage, he will be trapped as a dog forever.

Angelina’s two best friends drag her to the humane shelter, wanting her to pick out a dog to keep her company now that she’s divorced. She really has no desire for a dog, but one certainly takes a shine to her. Shadow completely ignores her friends and only pays attention to Angelina. He only has a few more days before he’s put down, so Angelina bows down to the pressure and agrees to take him home for the weekend to see how they get along. Angelina finds herself adapting to having a dog around the house rather well. So what if he doesn’t like dog food and prefers to eat her salads?

With less than a month before the curse becomes permanent, will James be able to make Angelina see the truth? Even worse can he do it before he’s neutered?

Though short and written in first person, the story has enough depth to convey the emotions and thoughts of the characters. And while mainly serious, it does have a few lighthearted moments.

Reviewed in July 2006 by Jackie.

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