by P. C. Cast

September 2006
ISBN: 0-373-80247-1
Reviewer Graphic Button LUNA Books
Mass Market Paperback

While at an estate sale Shannon Parker comes across the most captivating vase, one which calls to her from the moment she lays eyes on it. Shannon is confused after she takes a closer look at the woman figure depicted on the vase and she discovers similarities between the figure and herself. On her way home after purchasing the vase her life turns weird and she is thrust into a life that she never imagined. Shannon is transported to a world where she is a high priestess and to be married to a shaman, which might not be unpleasant but Shannon will have to remain in disguise or risk grave consequences.

Divine by Mistake is a fantastically crafted story of a woman sent to another world which she must carefully navigate. I loved the concept of two people mirroring each other in different worlds it makes one wonder what one would be like if they were raised in a different world and under different circumstances. I also enjoyed following Shannon Parker on her wonderful adventure while she changed the view of her that her new world had of her mirror image. P. C. Cast has created a wonderful story that is sure to captivate and get readers thinking. P. C. Cast has a wonderful imagination that enthralls, her characters are interesting and three dimensional and her stories are imaginative. It is my first time reading P. C. Castís work but I doubt that it will be my last.

Reviewed in December 2006 by Claudia.

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