by Sara Mackenzie

December 2006
ISBN: 0-06-079582-4
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Mass Market Paperback

The Welsh Marches-border lands

between England and Wales

Christmastime, present day

Lord Reynald de Mortimer had been in the between world sleeping for over 700 years. The sorceress had great success with her previous Immortal Warriors, giving them another chance at changing their past with a present day woman who was their match. Reynald with his very pale blond hair and almost gray eyes had been called “the Ghost” in his time; a feared warrior who had been about to make peace between his people and the Welsh. Then Reynald was struck down fighting an enemy more fearsome then any he had ever encountered on the battlefield. Flung forward to the mortal world of the present by the sorceress to his former home, Rey is shocked to see his castle. It’s the same and yet different, this was very strange! Trying to figure out the task the sorceress wanted of him Reynald was walking the battlements when he came across a damsel he thought to be in distress. A real beauty she was unlike any woman he had ever known in his time. This woman fought her attacker, not only verbally, but physically! She was the one to awaken The Passions of the Ghost!

Amy Fairweather would do anything for her brother Jez. They had looked out for one another growing up in the slums of London. Jez, a career criminal like his father before him, had scoped out his “mark” at this medieval re-enactment party. All Amy had to do was seduce the obnoxious Prince Nico and find out where he keeps his famous Star of Russia diamond. Trying to escape her past, Amy was studying to become a teacher, but when Jez asked her to accompany him to this remote castle/resort she couldn’t turn him down. Amy felt she owed her brother for always trying to protect her. But Nico’s pawing was disgusting, and Amy just couldn’t go through with this. While trying to get the lecherous Nico to unhand her, Amy senses a presence nearby and turns to see the most extrordinary hunk of man! Listening to Rey’s story of actually being Lord Reynald was beginning to sound real, especially when the evil that has been slumbering beneath the castle decides it is time to awaken and kill Rey... again!

Dragons, sorcery, mystery and romance come alive in The Passions of the Ghost the newest in Sara Mackenzie’s series of Immortal Warriors! Rey is a hero who is not your typical alpha male; he has flaws and doubts about his abilities, making him very much human. Match him up with the equally blemished Amy and the chemistry is explosive. A hint at the end of the novel gives the reader hope that Sara Mackenzie will continue this enthralling series!

Reviewed in November 2006 by Bonnie.

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