by Sandra Hill

December 2006
ISBN: 0-425-21302-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

What happens when you take a group of ROUGH AND READY Navy SEALS and send them back to the ancient time of the Norse Vikings? Well anyone who has ever read one of Sandra Hillís uproarious books knows they are in for a sexy, fun filled treat! And for anyone who has never experienced a Sandra Hill novel, shame on you! Get your hands on this one!

Navy SEAL Torolf Magnusson decides its time to return to his homeland to rid it once and for all of the despot who has been terrorizing it. Only his homeland is 1000 years in the past! Not to worry, Torolf and several of his SEAL comrades are ROUGH AND READY for anything, even time travel! What they didnít expect when they finally arrive in the land of the Vikings is the shrewish Hilda Berdottir and her legion of Valkyrielike warrior women!

Cunning Brunhilda Berdottir has fled with a ragtag group of females who have one thing in common; they have all been victims of the tyrant, Steinolf. With all the atrocities he has committed Steinolf makes Saddam Hussein look like a wuss! Fleeing to the lands of her late grandfather Hilda has renamed them The Sanctuary, providing a shelter for all the displaced women who have suffered at the hands of Steinolf.

For five years Hilda and her cohorts have been keeping Steinolf and his berserkers at bay. But now her sex-starved women want men. It is with great delight that they rescue the group of males that wash ashore from a longship wreck. Hilda is flabbergasted when she recognizes their leader Torolf Magnusson who had been thought dead when he and his family disappeared years ago! Well, surprise, Torolf is very much alive and willing to help Hilda get rid of Steinolf once and for all, if she beds him! Should Hilda trust her heart and believe in the crazy lout? And what of Torolf's and his friends' rantings of having come back from the future? These sexy warrior men may have what it takes to defeat Steinolf, but they sure are a bunch of lackwits!

ROUGH AND READY continues Sandra Hillís hugely successful Viking time travel series with Torolfís story, and doesnít miss a beat! Still as wildly erotic and side splitting funny as all the others! Find your Viking S-spot with ROUGH AND READY!

Reviewed in November 2006 by Bonnie.

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