by Kathy Love

December 2006
ISBN: 0-7582-1135-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

Kathy Love is back with the next Young brother. This time itís baby brother Sebastianís turn to experience love.

Sebastian Young is a vampire and he loves it. He loves the blood, the sex, the beautiful women, and the eternal beauty that come as part of the vampire package. Heís never been able to understand why his brothers had always despised their vampireness. But now Sebastian has other problems on his hands. It seems that someone is out to sabotage his club, Carfax Abbey, and he wants to put a stop to it.

Wilhelmina Weiss despises Sebastian Young for living up to the reputation of every malicious vampire in existence. He lures humans to him and then uses them cruelly and callously. It is her mission to get him to see the error of his ways and stop biting altogether, thatís why sheís been assigned to go undercover by the Society of Preternaturals as a waitress at the club. So far though, none of her plans have gotten Carfax Abbey closed down. And it looks like Sebastian is starting to get suspicious.

Sebastian isnít sure why heís attracted to his new waitress, he just knows he canít get her out of his mind. When they share an explosive kiss and Mina runs away in fear and repulsion, Sebastian feels more clueless and intrigued than ever. Heís determined to figure out Minaís story and put these silly emotions to rest once and for all. Thatís a lot easier said than done though, especially as Sebastian longs to take Mina under his wing and show her the beauty of being a vampire. Can he do it? Or will Minaís preconceptions get in the way?

Scorching, seductive and lots of fun, I Only Have Fangs For You is a story you wonít easily put down. Sebastian and Mina define the idea of opposites attracting, but they do it in style. For all his glossy and shallow faÁade, Sebastian has a much deeper side that needs Minaís more introverted nature to bring out. The sexual and growing emotional tension is palpable between these two. Perhaps the most compelling reason to keep turning the pages is the defining back-story Ms. Love creates for Mina. Tragic, devastating and lonely, it provides the perfect motivation for Minaís quest to help not only vampires but humans.

There are lots of twists and turns in this story, but what makes this book a notch above most paranormal romances is the truly beautiful relationship that develops between Mina and Sebastian. Youíll eagerly sink your teeth into this story and enjoy every tense, passionate, and purely biteable moment.

Reviewed in December 2006 by Sarah.

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